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Micro Presentations and Speed Dating

Thank you for visiting nature. You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS. To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript. The theme for the conference was children and focussed on families with children under five-years-old.

Shh Dating organises speed-dating events that don’t allow you to use your words​, instead you have to communicate without talking. In the first.

We look forward to seeing you again in Berlin for a full day of CDP session, lunch and networking. Planned schedule please book your flight to arrive on Saturday 3rd November – AGM coffee, tea and pastries served from , handing out. This was a double-event with one track designated for senior management and another track. ALTO held its annual conference in San Francisco in , with high profile keynote speakers and opportunities for the leaders of the industry to get together and exchange ideas during the roundtable and panel sessions.

The 2-day event was also designed to maximise the networking potential of having prominent industry players in the same room. Unstable economies, devalued currencies and political tensions may have shaken student mobility in Brazil, Spain, Russia and Turkey in recent years, but educators need not lose hope. Coming together for.

Education agencies have a unique opportunity to shape the future of the study travel sector given their proximity to their client base. The annual event brought together over 60 education agents and leaders. Survival of the Fittest: The evolution of the language travel industry. Responding to the Market. Responding to the Market ALTO held its annual conference in San Francisco in , with high profile keynote speakers and opportunities for the leaders of the industry to get together and exchange ideas during the roundtable and panel sessions.

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Speed Learning is a new concept in grass-roots, profession-led CPD, Following the keynote is the fast-paced “speed-dating” style sharing.

Two weeks ago when we moved into a new building, our headteacher asked our staff; What were we all going to do differently in the new building? We were also asked; what were we going to do to reinvent ourselves? Here, you will find a resource ready-to-go for you and your own staff. Today I took a risk leading staff CPD. Previously, in two other schools where I have led whole-school CPD, I have limited the creative options in training sessions for staff.

Perhaps I am at fault for my own set of expectations; plus the context of the school and the school priorities of that time should be kept in mind, but this evening, I led a staff CPD session that was innovative, creative and engaging. Today, we offered teachers time to talk about teaching and drive grassroots pedagogy. Of course staff evaluations may speak for itself. I did ask staff very clearly, that if this session was of no value to them, then they must let me know so that I can ensure that we develop our CPD vision to become more meaningful to them; to have immediate and direct impact in the classroom.

With this in mind, and with the two questions posed at the beginning of this blog, here you will read and find a resource ready-to-go for you and your own staff to use tomorrow!

#46: CPD Speed dating: A New-found Love for Questioning, Assessment and AFL

Modern Pizza Famous in the New Haven area , dessert, drinks and learning were enjoyed by all! We hope that attendees were able to take home one or two new ideas. Not Just Gaming! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Well what a success! This week saw 50 Westfield Academy staff members take part in a CPD speed-dating extravaganza! Our half term focus.

These resources and services include, but are not limited, to:. The Wasserman Center for Career Development is the cornerstone of career development programming at NYU, providing services for both current students and alumni. Handshake is the Wasserman Center’s career development platform for jobs, internships, events, and more. Students can build their career by connecting with relevant opportunities based on their profile, interests, and search activity.

Students can easily apply for positions, explore companies and connections and sign up for Wasserman coaching appointments, career fairs, and workshops all in one place. Students are encouraged to research all aspects of employment within the social work profession, including salary ranges. While salary can vary across fields of practice, the nature of work, location, and type of employer, here are some starting resources to aid you as you consider job offers and career moves.

NYU Silver alumni are making an impact around the world in a wide range of social service organizations, hospitals and healthcare settings, schools, and contribute in many other ways to elevating lives. During the Fall and Spring semesters, NYU Silver offers a range of events and workshops to help students navigate their professional growth and development. These resources and services include, but are not limited, to: Career development and skill-based workshops on topics such as salary negotiation, job search strategies, and interviewing Career Connections programs where students have an opportunity to hear from alumni and others in the social work field Licensing process resources and support Online tools and resources such as Silver Strong and a biweekly career newsletter Specialized career coaching.

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How does your school innovate? Institutional innovation seems common in the computing sector — so why is it not in education? Barriers to Innovation. The Desire to Innovate Schools are full of creative potential. Teachers know their students and their needs better than anyone else, and are best placed to drive the ideas and initiatives needed to improve their life chances.

These barriers to innovation must be overcome.

I have set this as a homework task or a seminar task for my A Level students, however it can work with any age group really. It is also really.

The activities in thisdocument can be used as openers or closers for longer CPD sessions or as part of other educational sessions toget people thinking about CPD. Then go round the group and ask each person to tell youtheir animal and why they chose this animal to represent CPD. The people in the inner circle should face outwards and the people in the outer circleshould face inwards so that everyone is facing another person from the other circle, their partner.

Each person in the pair has 1 minute to tell their partner about a topic they have chose for a CPD entry and whythey chose it. The trainer times 1 minute. When 2 minute s are up i.

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This will…. This fall, teachers are facing an unprecedented instructional challenge. While plans for re-opening school are in a constant state of flux, we know that many teachers will be required to manage students in multiple instructional contexts: in-person, online, and combinations of the two.

Nov 7, – Speed-Dating CPD Learning at Lowton High School on an Ann B for Osiris Able, Gifted & Talented Day.

Mentoring provides an opportunity for critical reflection, space and time for looking at the individual in the context of their career and their value to the practice. It identifies the need for support and the opportunity to develop skills. Mentoring is also a positive way of supporting both individuals and practices. Mentoring programmes play an important part in improving expertise and capacity within the profession. They help to build leadership qualities in both the mentors and mentees.

Offering a Mentoring Programme can help to retain staff and improve return to work rates, as individuals feel supported in their career development. A mentoring programme can bring a number of benefits. A happy, productive staff team will help to improve your bottom line. It will improve confidence and help develop staff, from students through to retirement. It can help to stimulate professional aspirations of people from different backgrounds and help address barriers to career progression.

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