Crush of the Moment: ‘Big Time Rush’ guys Kendall Schmidt and Logan Henderson

This may be hard to believe, but on Thursday, July 16, James Maslow is turning 30 years old. The actor was only 20 when he starred in Big Time Rush , which means it has been over 10 years since the beloved Nickelodeon show premiered. Yep, the hilarious series aired its first episode on November 29, and concluded on July 25, , and when it came to an end it was truly the end of an era. The guys dropped some seriously epic bops together, embarked on five world tours and even got their own movie! Yeah, BTR was the boy band once upon a time, and the show forever holds a special place in our hearts. Well guys, in honor of his birthday, we decided to do some investigating and see what she, the BTR members and the rest of the cast are up to now.

Kendall Schmidt

Big Time Rush look shocked in this new still from the upcoming episode of their hit Nickelodeon show. In the episode, James helps Carlos on his night out with one of the Jennifers, [ Big Time Rush run away from the Palm Woods in this new still from the season premiere of their hit Nickelodeon show. Everywhere they turn there are fans, autograph-seekers, even [

You can’t tell me Makenzie Vega isn’t dating Logan clearly it is not just a"rumor”. Logan HendersonBig Time Rush (banda)Amor De Mi VidaCitasTe Amo.

Better take your shot now Oh, oh. Oh, oh Go and doing it up! Finish what you start now Oh, oh Oh, oh Go and doing it up! It’s the only life you got so you gotta live it big time Look around, Every light is shining now, its brighter somehow. You and I, Kendall make a brand new sound, like we own this maslow Like we own this town We can doing, Now our feet are off the ground, and never look down Welcome to the big time!

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Camille & Logan

He is a very famous actor and singer. But the boy band is not active now, as it disbanded in He is best known for his role as Logan Mitchell on the Nickelodeon television series. Logan has won various awards for his amazing singing and acting career. The Big Time Rush star was born on 14th September in He passed his childhood in North Richland Hills, Texas.

Logan Henderson, James Maslow, Carlos Pena Jr. and Kendall Schmidt. It all started with a very polite ‘Please interview Big Time Rush’ tweet, which was Carlos is dating his girlfriend Samantha and James is dating his.

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Big Time Rush can’t wait to visit Dubai

You’ve got your lads who were put together on a competition show by a visionary with a knack for developing raw talent. And then you’ve got your groups who can both sing and act—and whose fortunes rose thanks to a hit sitcom. The music of Big Time Rush may not be quite as enduring, but their series lasted four seasons and spawned a TV movie, three successful albums and a still-devoted fan base.

But then in season 3 episode 1 they start dating again and have a more serious relationship. Romantic Moments. Big Time Crib: While every member of Big Time​.

And more tweets. And as days turned to a week, the tweets increased. So a few calls and many rounds of emails later, we finally got Kendall Schmidt, 21, and Logan Henderson, 22, on the phone from Los Angeles. Having dealt many times over with thousands of delirious, screaming young girls ever since their TV show first aired on Nickelodeon in , the young men had a practiced calm about them.

The band, which also includes Carlos Pena, Jr. A third album, Windows Down , is currently in the works with no release date yet. The boys, who had British-Irish boy band One Direction open for them for a few of their sold-out US shows in February, are currently filming the third season of the show, out on a TV set near you later in the year. A: I guess it really depends. We are doing a summer tour in the US coming up in July. People all over the world can go online and look up our music in a second and see YouTube videos.

Logan henderson dating history

Watch the trailer. Title: Big Time Girlfriends 11 Oct James helps Camille run lines for an audition and they end up kissing!

It’s been six years since Big Time Rush’ ended, and the cast has After BTR ended, Logan took some time away from the spotlight to focus on his She’s also super into yoga and is dating music producer and DJ, Adam.

Big Time Rush is an American comedy television series that aired on Nickelodeon. Camille: We musn’t! You’re a hair model prince who’s spying on my country. And I’m James: If it’s so wrong, why were you programmed to love? Camille: But what about the bomb? Then we,uh,[throw away script and kiss twice,second time longer] Both: [s[scream]amille: What was that? James: It was the script! Camille: Not that second one! YOU- Logan: Hey, guys.

James and Camille: [s[scream]Gustavo: wouldn’t DARE!

Big Time Rush Is Head of the Class

How questions is kendall in the band Big Time Rush? Were the main characters of big time rush really dating minnesota? What is Big Time Rush ages?

Logan is shown to have feelings for.

Wanna Meet BTR? We start with a riddle: four twenty-something pop singers, usually greeted by throngs of hyperventilating girls, pile out of a car and land face-to-face with a woman old enough to be their mother. How many seconds before they lose interest? A few steps away, Carlos Pena Jr. Booties are strapped to her front feet. Kendall Schmidt, 21, and Logan Henderson, 22, join James in consoling the pooch. They never complain or swear, never throw a fit. They are a frenetic bundle of inside jokes and gentle ribbing, relying on each other to get through all the leaping, dancing, and running in polyester school jackets required on this degree day.

When asked if they like each other as much as it seems, they light up like fireflies. Good thing. But as with their TV predecessors, Big Time Rush have become an offscreen phenomenon, complete with hit records and countless girls whose knees buckle in syncopated swoons at the sight of them.

Marry, Date, Dump: Big Time Rush

Logan henderson dating list Find out more about all his life. Date: sandra ann brewton. First of july. Are all his girlfriend, Pictures news photos. Sure i’ll chelsea ricketts and his fellas.

James Maslow Carlos Pena Jr, Logan Henderson, Chris Evans, James What It’s Like to Go on a Date With Dancing with the Stars’ James Maslow James Maslow Poster – James Maslow Print Big Time Rush, James Maslow, Dancing With.

By Jade Watkins. Before One Direction took the world by storm, an American group called Big Time Rush was one of the biggest names in the boy band world. The story of the misadventures of four buff hockey players from Minnesota, is the highest-rated live-action series debut on Nickelodeon ever and they have sold thousands of records. And it’s no wonder why, the male stars showed just how handsome they are as they hit the beach in Maui, Hawaii yesterday.

Big time rush! The boys from the band Big Time Rush enjoyed a game of beach volleyball in Maui yesterday. Logan, 22, also seemed to be getting to grip with a bikini-clad babe as he splash around the water. Meanwhile Carlos Pena Jr, also 22, displayed his impressive physique in a pair of turquoise boardshorts as he went head-to-head with an equally fit Kendall. Big Time Rush is boy band born from an American Television series.

Rippling: Carlos Pena Jr, 22, displayed his impressive physique in a pair of turquoise boardshorts. The television show was created by Scott Fellows, and is about the Hollywood misadventures of four hockey players from Minnesota who form a band. The series premiered with an hour-long pilot episode, titled Big Time Audition, in In the episode, with dreams of becoming a pop star, James’ character goes before a record producer to audition for a singing role.

He is accompanied by his three hockey player friends during the nerve-racking ordeal, and by twist of fate they all end up auditioning.

Logan Mitchell

Episode 0. Move over, big time rush seeing anyone? With sont music entertainment and singer.

No, Victoria Justice is dating Ryan Rottman. Is it true that Sarah marroquin is dating Logan Henderson from BTR? Dating Logan Henderson.

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KENDALL & LOGAN (BTR) on Facing Their Crushes!